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Old Basing Instructor Peter Welch

Preparation for the black belt exam was taken seriously so Pete sought out the most senior Dan grades as possible to supplement his training at the club. He received tuition from Mick Grey Sensei, 3rd Dan and attended courses run by Kevin Hickey Sensei. He had also read in Fighting Arts magazine of the Special European Spring and Summer 5-day courses held at Crystal Palace featuring many top Japanese Instructors! Not to be missed, he enrolled right away and travelled each day from his home in Staines to Crystal Palace to learn from the awesome karate masters that he had read so much about. Sessions were twice a day headed by renowned instructors like Enoeda Sensei, Kawazoe Sensei,  Kase Sensei, Shirai Sensei, Tabata Sensei, Kanazawa Sensei and Naito Sensei.

The Black Belt grading soon came around so in May 1983 on the last day of the Special Spring course at Crystal Palace, Pete passed his Shodan under Enoeda Sensei. The arduous special spring and summer courses were exciting in those days but they sadly came to an end although he also attended the superb Instructors course held by Yahara Sensei at Crystal Palace. He later trained at the highly regarded Reading Apollo Karate club for further improvement and finally left the Kihon Karate Club in the early 90's having taught there for several years.

Re-locating to Hemel Hempstead in 1999, he later joined SSKI headed by Malcolm Phipps Sensei having seen the exceptionally high standard of his Dan grades. Passing Nidan in 2002, Sandan in 2006, Yondan in 201, he was then awarded the rank of Godan in 2017 under Phipps Sensei. All were great personal achievements. Pete continues to benefit from the great teachings of Malcolm Phipps Sensei  as well as his top level guest instructors who have visited the SSKI Honbu dojo, Dave Hazard Sensei, Aiden Trimble Sensei, Richard Amos Sensei, Terry O'Neil Sensei, John Mullin Sensei, Ohta Sensei and Steve Ubl Sensei.  Peter is an expert in the kobudo art of Nunchaku and passed his Shodan in 2011.

Now living in North Warnborough in Hampshire, Pete's aim is to endeavour to continue instructing his students at OBKC to the high standards set by those who taught him. One of the highlights so far for him is his 3rd Dan student Cristy Nash Sensei who in 2011, attained the rank of World Kumite Champion (WJKA) and also in 2015 became the WTKO Ireland Open Kata Champion.

Senior Club Instructor, Peter Welch

Born in 1958 at Newmarket, Peter Welch is a 5th Dan in Shotokan karate and a fully qualified instructor and judge within the association of Seishinkai Shotokan Karate International. He is also the lead Instructor and founder of the Old Basing Karate Club which he formed in 2007.

Inspired by his cousin Jim Welch who practised karate, Pete joined the Kihon Karate Club at Egham in Surrey in early 1980. At that time, the club Instructor was Neil Waldie Sensei who ran very well attended classes, typically seeing over fifty students training every session.
Pete thrived on the tough training within this K.U.G.B affiliated club and quickly progressed through the Kyu grades. Gradings took place at 3rd Dan Kevin Hickey Sensei's dojo at Cleves School in Weybridge held by Tomita Sensei and later by K. Enoeda Sensei.

Vicky, (L) and Cristy (R) Joint winners of the Shotokan Shield

Vicky, (L) and Cristy (R) Joint winners of the Shotokan Shield